Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card

The most comprehensive and up to date list of exchanges where you can buy bitcoin with credit card or debit card. The scope of this Exchange List is to provide you with several options where you can acquire bitcoins with a credit card that fits your preferences, requirements or even restrictions. We highly recommend doing your own research before you pick an exchange to purchase bitcoin with a credit card. Please note that the ranking is done using our own criteria. We suggest to check this list regularly to find the best deal for you. Last review: Thursday 23rd of September 2021

#         Exchange Value for Money Price
1 exchange

usually 1th best price

2 exchange

usually 2th best price

3 exchange

usually 3th best price

4 exchange

usually 4th best price

5 exchange

usually 5th best price

6 exchange

usually 6th best price

7 exchange

usually 7th best price

8 exchange

usually 8th best price

9 exchange

usually 9th best price

10 exchange

usually 10th best price

11 exchange

usually 11th best price

12 exchange

usually 12th best price

13 exchange

usually 13th best price

14 exchange

usually 14th best price

15 exchange

usually 15th best price

16 exchange

usually 16th best price

17 exchange

usually 17th best price

18 exchange

usually 18th best price

19 exchange

usually 19th best price

20 exchange

usually 20th best price

21 exchange

usually 21th best price

22 exchange

usually 22th best price

23 exchange

usually 23th best price

24 exchange

usually 24th best price

25 exchange

usually 25th best price

26 exchange

usually 26th best price

27 exchange

usually 27th best price

28 exchange

usually 28th best price

29 exchange

usually 29th best price

How to buy bitcoin with credit card

Nowadays is very simple to buy bitcoin with credit cards. Buying bitcoin with a credit card may vary from exchange to exchange, but usually is done in 3 simple steps:

Register & Verify identity

Sign up and submit your personal details for verification. You may be asked to upload ID documents such as ID, driver's license, or passport. Verification ussualy takes between a couple of minutes and a couple of hours, but usually under an hour.

Credit Card Payment

Select the amount you want to buy and follow the payment instructions. Pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International, or other types of cards. It is as simple as any other online shopping.

Receive Bitcoin

Enter your bitcoin wallet address. You will usually receive bitcoin in less than 15 minutes once your payment and wallet address have been confirmed, but if the bitcoin network is very busy, the time may increase.

For more details, check the below guides on how can you buy bitcoin with your bank card from various exchange platforms:

Checklist before you buy bitcoin with credit card

Before you buy bitcoin with credit card, you may need a bitcoin wallet because certain exchanges require your bitcoin address. You could check if the selected exchange will also provide a bitcoin wallet but we recommend to store your bitcoin in your own wallet.
I know it may sound like a silly advice, but Never buy anything online using your credit card from a site that doesn't have SSL. You will know if the site has SSL because the site's URL starts with HTTPS, rather than just HTTP.
Pick a trusted crypto exchange platform. We highly recommend doing your own research before buying bitcoin from any exchange. You need to do your own research to check if the exchange is trustworthy and suits your needs. Here are some tips that can help you:
  • Read carefully Terms and Conditions other policies and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Refund Policy. Please also read carefully exchange's Refund Policy.
  • Is the exchange regulated? Check the exchange's regulation information. Why risk buying with an unregulated exchange?!
  • When the exchange was launched and how many years it's been around. Usually the older the better.
  • Check the exchange reviews. Consult the crypto community and form an opinion: forums, social media. Be aware of fake reviews.
  • Past issues. Check the crypto community to find any issue related to the exchange. It can be as simple as a google search: "exchange name scam" or "exchange name legit". Again, be aware of fake positive or negative reviews. Haters gonna hate and affiliates gonna love. And by the way, we also strive to earn affiliates commission:)
  • Test it with a small amount of money.
Country. Check if your country is on the exchange's list of approved countries where you plan to acquire bitcoin. Also please note that must adhere to the laws of your country of citizenship.
Type of card. Check if the crypto exchange selected accepts payment via credit card, debit card, virtual credit card, virtual debit card or gift cards. Most of the exchanges will allow you to purchase bitcoin with credit and debit cards.
Check if the exchange platform supports the financial institution which issued your card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, Diners Club International. Most of the exchanges will allow you to acquire bitcoin with cards issued by Visa or Mastercard. Of course, there are also exchanges that will accept credit cards from American Express, Discover or Diners Club International.
Check upper and lower purchase limits. For example, some exchanges will not allow you to buy equivalent in bitcoin for less than 20$ and they could also have a daily upper limit, for example 25000$. Ask for the minimum amount and the daily and monthly transaction limits.
ID documents. Most of the crypto exchanges require your personal details for verification before you can buy bitcoin with a credit card. This is required to prevent fraud and for KYC and AML regulations. Ussualy they accept passports and driver's licenses, but there are some exchanges that will also need a selfie with you. Of course, there are also exchanges where you can get bitcoin with a credit card without ID verification, but they are not so many and the price could be higher.
How long the ID documents verification process take? Usually, this process takes between a couple of minutes and a couple of hours.
How long does it take to receive your bitcoins once you've paid? Usually, once your payment and wallet address have been confirmed you will receive bitcoin in under 15 minutes, but the time may increase if the bitcoin network is very busy.
Check the commission, hidden fees, or extra commissions (if any) when purchases of cryptocurrency using credit card and debit card. Ussualy when buying bitcoin with a credit card the commission is between 1% and 5% but we seen commission as high as 10%-11%. The commissions may vary depending on the type of card your country or purchase size.Always ask what are the commissions and what is the final amount of bitcoin that you will receive for your buck.
Do not hesitate to contact exchange support if you have any questions or concerns.You can contact the exchange's support by live chat, contact form, e-mail, or social media, and they will help you in the process of acquiring bitcoin using bank cards. Usually the faster and the straight to the point is the answer the better.
Carefully double-check your transaction information especially the amount you should send and your receiving bitcoin address. There is malware that can modify your bitcoin address when you copy-paste, if your computer is infected, so pay attention! Bullet taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy bitcoin with credit card?

Buying bitcoins with a credit card or debit card it is as simple as any other online shopping. Paying with a credit card is probably the most popular form of online shopping.

Assuming that your identity is already verified by the exchange, your bitcoin will be sent almost instant once the credit card payment is confirmed.

Why should I not buy bitcoin using credit card?

Commissions and fees may be higher when you pay with a credit card, but they become more competitive each day since more and more exchanges accept bank cards.

Most of the exchanges will require to verify your identity before purchase bitcoin with a credit card.

Can I buy with no verification?

Yes, there are exchanges where you can buy bitcoin with credit card anonymously. Please consult BBWCC's exchange list to find an exchange where you can buy bitcoins with credit card instantly no verification

Can I buy less than one bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy a very small portion of bitcoin. Please check the minimum amount accepted by the exchange on credit card transactions.

What Is the Difference Between a Credit Card and a Debit Card?

A debit card take money from your banking account, and a credit card charges it to your credit line.

Quick answers
  • What credit card brands are accepted? Usually, the exchanges accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Apple Pay.
  • What credit card types are accepted? You can use credit cards and debit cards and also virtual debit or credit cards